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Open Jam

An open jam (or jam session) is a music event where any musician can sign up and perform in front of a live audience. Unlike open mics which are usually for solo artists, open jams are put together for musicians to come together and play as a full band. Musicians can bring their own instruments and “jam” with other musicians in an improvised performance. Whether playing existing songs or making up arrangements on the fly, open jams can be a fun experience for both performers and the audience.

Who Can Perform?

Open Jams are open to all musicians. Guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists are all welcome to sign up and jam. Open jams will usually have a host band who will be playing the majority of the night. This allows musicians to come and join in with the band for a song or two. Host bands will usually have instruments that people can use but it’s always good to bring your own instrument.

If you are considering performing at an open jam, be aware of the style(s) of music the open jam event is featuring. Most open jams focus on genres such as blues, jazz, bluegrass and rock and will most likely include popular cover songs from these genres as well.

Hosting An Open Jam

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