Refund Policy – Read Carefully

We know sometimes things go wrong. We understand

Events are sometimes cancelled and thus the necessity to promote the event can be costly in many ways.  

For us, we need to be diligent in making a profit and…at the same time compromise on refunding. 

First, the Event advertising / posting in the Event listings (which does not include third party advertising) each part of “any” month is deemed “fully earned for that month.”  

As an example; You purchase 180 days of advertising and then one one day into the second month, the event has to be cancelled. In this situation we will retain 2 months of pricing. So, for those that want to better understand, the event pricing is approximately $1.00/day. Thus approximately $59.99 will not be refunded and is deemed fully earned. 

We require the refund request be made in writing by the “User Name” of the account and advance notice of 30 days. Users must be 18 years of age and older, be registered and have operated according to our terms of service and privacy. You must registered an login to use the Refund Form. 

If you do not agree to the terms of service then you should have NOT registered and advertised on this site. It is costly to manually process refund. 

Banner Paid Subscriptions will apply on the same or similar refund basis except, if there were any discounts applied for the period of time such as an Annual discount, the discount will be removed the prices change to a monthly price rate. 

Allow up to 60 days for your refund to be returned via U.S. Mail to a United States mailing address. 

For you further consideration, in some instances there are options to purchase “Event Cancellation Insurance” through and independent insurance broker. 

Athena Insurance and Financial Services is one such Broker. They can be reached at:

Athena Insurance and Financial Services
PO Box 1242, Los Molinos CA 96055
Phone (209) 223-1870  | Email:
Broker #0588228  |  National Producer #2709340

To complete a request for Special Event Insurance or Event Cancellation Insurance Click Here.


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