Advertising Events is easy!

  1. Post an Event which attaches to an existing “Directory” listing
  2. Post an Event to “Community Events Calendar”
  3. Post to Faceboook on
  4. Banner Ads Online
  5. Physical Banners Customized
  6. Promotional Items – Clothing Items

We suggest that you post in both locations and for Bands and Musician we have something extra for you.  We will get to that later.

The design of® is such that “if you have a paid directory subscription, the posting to the directory will create a custom “TAB” on your listing.  This TAB will allow everyone who views your listing to see “all the events” you post for your business.

Directory Advertising (Subscription Required)

Here are the current types of Directory Listing Types (we may add more later)

  1. Bands & Performers
  2. Bars, Cantinas & Pubs
  3. Casinos & Resorts
  4. Event Planners & Organizers
  5. Chamber of Commerce Associations
  6. Outdoor Recreation Operations
  7. Restaurants
  8. Non-Profits
  9. Hotels & Motels
  10. Vacation Rental Properties
  11. Wineries and Breweries
  12. Transportaion Services
  13. My Face
  14. Other Places


Be aware! At this time we encourage you to post in both the directory and the community calendar. Why?

Some visitors will view the business directory and see an events TAB or Search Directory Events and some will view the Events Calendar.  At this time the two event locations to not share the event posts and thus you must post in both areas.

Next, The Events Calendar come with an option to sell community tickets where as the Business Directory does not.