Bands are the heart beat of America

In good time and bad times, happy and sad times, bands and the musicians are the soul of America.

Think about it! Every movie we watch would not be complete without the sound of music played by the band.

Just about every event in the World that is special has music.

We love our bands.  A night out on the town, watching a parade and the wedding song we remember for the days in our lives.

Types of Bands

On® we will add any type of band classification for free! Well just about any type but I cannot think of a type of band we would not add a category for. When listing your Event or Band and adding a “kind of category” for example, Jazz band, if you do not find your “category” please contact us and request that we add it.  You will not be charged for this service. It may take a few days but, if you are in a rush call 866 397-6939 and leave your band name, the name and spelling of the band type and we will rush to get it done. Use this form here.

Some of the most popular bands are:

  • Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Jazz Bands
  • Rock Bands
  • Rat Pack Bands
  • Swing Bands
  • Big Bands
  • Jazz Orchestras
  • Jive Bands
  • Soul Bands
  • RnB Bands
  • Mowtown Bands. 70’s Disco Bands
  • Funk Bands

So, when you get ready to add your Band to our site please let us know if you do not find the “type” of band you have.  Use this form here.

For a more complete list of band see Wikipedia here.