Bands lets you create your very own listing for your Band or Musical Group.

When you create a listing, you can manage your members, giving them each their own profile. You will be able to add upcoming events and link them to your Band listing. Coming soon, we will be implementing a Merch Store so bands can sell their merch and music right from their listing.

Browse our directory and get an idea of what you can do for your band.

Bands On

Solo Artists

Are you a solo artist or someone who plays an instrument? Add your own profile as a Solo Artist and get all the same features as bands.


Add events and link them directly to your listing. Let your fans know when and where you are performing so they never miss a show.

Sell Merch

We will be adding the ability for Bands and other artists to sell their merch. Set up your own personal store to sell music, shirts and more.

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