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Wine Tours by Wolfie on the road! Woof Woof! lol

Hi, tis Wolfie here hitting the road in March to visit Wineries in the California Central Valley. I will be taking close friends, new friends and family on tour with me to judge the “Best of the Best”  Our top pick will receive a free 30 day Banner ad and a one year Featured listing on®® has custom designed the profile template for Wineries that have events. An event can be such happenings as wine tasting, presentations by a Master Sommelier, concerts, private parties, weddings, vacation cottages and other fun and entertaining activities.

Events are our focus!

Millions of people are saying various versions of “What’s happening today?” all around the world.  I know that when I had some “free time” this question would constantly pop-up.  So, I captured the concept with some guided spirits and presto. The concept of this event site was born.’s site is the hottest new site being developed for just about any business that has events. And get this!  All Event Postings/Listings are free to you! Always! That’s right. You can register on our site for free and begin posting events. Our event for also allows for an api post to Facebook.  So one post in our site will post to two places saving you time… and time is money. is also mobile friendly. Meaning that people on the road are able to view your events while traveling. That is a great feature.

Accuracy is the key. We have tested some search engines such as Google using the such keywords as “wine tasting” and the results were not very impressive and not very accurate. In our search we found lot of wine makers but they were not open to the public and did not offer tours or other events.

Package a Business Listing and teach people where to follow you!

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You educate people on your wine. Now educate them on how to follow your event activities too!

Our business listings are the best of the best.  Our winery profile listing allows you to share your information with others and attached your business listing with every event you have. For instance, pretent you have three years worth of bookings that number into nearly a hundred events at your single or multiple locations.  Now, the business listing will cost but all the events that attach are linked for free.

You have complete control over adding, deleting or modifying the events that attach to your business listing and, if.. if you have a Facebook page each event post will post to Facebook at your option. Thats powerful marketing and advertising.

So why wait. Signup today.

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