Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Wine tasting events and wineries around the world are among the one of the most popular activities.  Most wineries admit patrons for free and may only charge a small fee for tasting. The fees is generally waived if you join the wineries “wine club membership” and or purchase a certain quantity of wine.

Wine tasting is considered and event on and there are three ways for wineries to let the public know about their wine tasting events.  The first way is free!  Wine Events can be posting for free at anytime and for any location around the globe. The first step is to register. Registration is free also.  Look for an “activation email” and check your junk folder if the activation email does not arrive in a couple of minutes.  If you have problems with registering call 866 397-6939 and we will be delighted to assist you.

Adding the Wine Tasting Event is easy after registration.  Here is what you do. Find the text link in the main navigation menu that reads “Add Event” and the rest is easy. Please note: If you have a Facebook page (not the profile page but a “page”) you can insert the pages url in our event form and the wine tasting event will post to FB for you.

Be careful to list the correct location address in your event.  There are helpful “how to videos” listed under the marketing tab.

The next method is a Winery Business Listing.  For a small monthly subscription fee your winery can have a business listing designed for wineries. We at have the best design for listing a winery.  Why? Because not all wineries limit there “events” and “services” to wine tasting.

For example, we have found that many wineries have the following items to offer to their patrons.  Not all wineries offer these items.

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Concerts – Large Bands
  • Movie nights
  • Live Music & Dancing – Smaller bands
  • Weddings
  • Cottage Rentals
  • Tour Trolley
  • Cards, Billards
  • A Man Cave with pool tables, Fosse Ball and Big Screen TV
  • Wine Tasting
  • Restaurant, Bistro or Fire Brick Ovens


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