This Custom Profile Type was inspired by a new friend a one Ms. Kristi (last name withheld until granted permission)  The amount of time spent in training and education along with her wonderful enthusiasm has inspired me to add this category of professional as we embark on our tour of the California Wineries.

California Wineries are not all alike! In fact I was very dismayed when searching online for wineries using the search term “wine tasting.”  Upon “initial” search page results it “seemed” like I hit a nest of wine tasting locations.  However, when I started making the phone calls it was a huge misrepresentation of facts.

Many of the listing were wineries but they were closed to the public, did not offer wine tasting and had no type of activities/events such as music, weddings, movies or concerts!

Finally, by word of mouth we ended up on the Acampo California area where we did our review of the “Best of the Best” wineries.  This was a wonderful experience and great adventure for me, the site administrator Wolfie.

Back to the Sommelier… lol    I had a wonderful opportunity to get a better understanding of what a trained and experienced Sommelier can do.  As a result I have decided to offer Ms. Kristi a one year free pass to® to register and create for free a Custom Profile Type categorized as “Sommelier.”

The benefit to someone registering as a Sommelier is most effective if they have “events” that they would like to “connect” to their profiles.  All event postings are free and can sync. to Facebook.

In the Custom Profile Type for Sommelier we will be asking these professionals on how we can improve upon the information that is displayed for the public to see.

Many Sommelier’s offer services professionally to their employers, to wineries and even hold their own events to educate the pubic on the paring of wine with food and more.

Kind regards,