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March begins my first official day of review whereby I take a camera and purposely document my travels to various business locations and events. I am excited about visiting and spending time in this beautiful area of ours.

Restaurant Review

My day begins with my favorite thing to do! Eat! Well almost my favorite thing to do..   I am not sure anymore what my favorite thing to do is.. but I was hungry. So on my way down to pick up family and friends I stopped at Thomi’s Cafe in Jackson, California.  There I enjoyed a great breakfast of one of my favorites, ham & eggs.

I have enjoyed Thomi’s Cafe on many days and would not hesitate to take a date or business companion to Thomi’s for an enjoyable meal.  Thank you Jackie. Jackie was my waitress and a very friendly and likable person. It was a pleasure.

Jackie kept the coffee coming and checked in on me to see if I need anything else as I enjoyed my meal. I appreciate that very much.  Jackie. Your service has earned Thomi’s a five start review and a free one year listing on

Share this with the owner and have him register and claim his business listing today.  Kind regards,  Wolfie

Winery Review

Wolfie here.. I had to take a few moments to share my experience on “finding” a reliable search engine that had accurate information on what I call event activities or events! In my search engine quest I used the keywords “wine tasting” as the desired activity.  “On the surface it seemed there were many choices to “easily” select from.  After digging in and making phone calls to research information I discovered the lack of accuracy.  Many of the Wineries that were displayed in various online directories did not offer “wine tasting” nor were they open to the public. This seem to me to be very misleading and could have resulted in a waste of time and the souring of my day had I taken the time to travel to those locations.

On, I have custom tailored the Winery Profile to be more winery friendly.  The purpose of our site is to provide both the user and the business owner a way to share information that is accurate and user friendly.

The Best of the Best Winery Tour March 2016 is… Viaggios!

On our list are the following:  Viaggio, Heritage, St. Jeorge and m2! We enjoyed all of wineries on the tour. All of the owners, managers and staff were extremely pleasant.


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Photo gallery to be completed soon

St. Jeorge

Photo gallery to be completed soon


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