Refund Policy

  • Refunds on Events Directory Linked
  • Refunds on Events Calendar Linked
  • Refunds on Tickets

Events linked to Business Directory Listings Refunds

All Events Directory linked are non-refundable.

Events Linked to The Events Calendar

All Events linked to “The Events Calendar” are non-refundable

Events Refunds on Tickets

Refund on Event Tickets are available depending on the Event Holders refund policy and can take up to 30 days to process

Directory Listing Refunds

Refunds are available.  Here is how the refund will work.  Any part of a “current or past” month will NOT be refunded.  Any part of an unused refund will be “adjusted first” and then refunded pro rata. Note: If you are receiving a discount for an Annual policy and the cancel early, we will adjust the number of months remaining to the “monthly price” , deducted the cost of the monthly price from the total remaining account balance and refund that amount.

Banner Advertising Refunds

Banner advertising refund policies are as follows:

  1. Once the banner ad is set in place you “must” allow for us to contact you. You must send us an approval email to start the ad. If you do not send us an approval email then the ad will be taken down immediately.  Alternatively you can leave a recorded message which you authorize us to keep on file with your verbal approval.
  2. We DO NOT offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee refund in the first 30 days. All refunds are based upon a fully earned 30 day increment basis. As an example if you go “a day” into the next month that month is fully earned. However, if we have a systems or software failure and your ad does then not display as requested then we do offer a 100% refund guarantee.