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Join® for our special price offer.  What do you get by becoming a member of® ? A great deal of exposure Worldwide!

As a Performer managing the cost associated with marketing your events can be astronomical! With® we put a change to all of that. For you small annual contribution you can post all of the Events you want for free. Then again, no purchase is necessary to begin posting events for free!”What is that you say Wolfie?”  Free?

Yes, anyone age 18 an older can register for free and begin posting events. Check out the event listing on the front page of this site! Yes..yes.. yes.. Post any event and this is where your event will be visible in your area!

Are we limited on where your event can be seen? No!® is geo sensitive.  People visiting our site in your event location will be able to see your event listing. Advertising for free! What a concept.


Well, if you want a performer profile we have a November special that will begin November 1st, 2016 and end on November 15th. Use this Coupon code “performer50” to purchase your member ship. (remember no purchase is necessary to post event but you “do” want to have a performer profile if you plan on building a powerful following with us)

A Performer profile is the place that you will want to promote in all of your events. With “WHT’s” Performer profile “in place” all of your event can be attached to the profile.

Then, order one of our banners and even post cards.  This is one of the most advanced and economical methods of advertising and promotion that you will ever use.

Register today by clicking here.

Sponsor a Friend

For us “more mature” folks… can you imaging going back to high school or college days and knowing of a friend with talent that was struggling to get noticed? It a hard gig.  What if for only a few pennies a day you could have helped them launch their success? Would you go back in time and do it?

Well, on you can Sponsor a Performer and help them get their career off the ground.  Man! How cool would it be to know that you helped to make someone famous! Right on!

How do you do this? Easy! Register and then add a Performer Listing. Complete your friends details and then start posting events of their’s for free.  When you post the event the form will have an area to input the business listing (Performer’s name) and just start typing in your friends name.

Need help? We can be reached at 866 397-6939 Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We can also arrange to do a screen share by inviting you to and walk you through the process after you purchase register and purchase a membership for your friend.  Way cool!

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