My Idea – By the numbers

The mission is to create a Gravity Form that will post Event Data to both GeoDir Event Listing & MEC (modern event calendar) Your suggestions and expertise are appreciated in advance. Your suggestions can be sent using this suggestion form here.

  1. – The Gravity Form,  MEC GeoDir is accessible only if the user is registered and logged in. (Controlled by Gravity Form here to for known as GF)
  2. As can be seen in the sample form to the left, a “conditional” is present in the form of a check Box. “Do you have a paid business directory subscription?”
    • 2a – If yes to Business existing business directory, a conditional page becomes visible to post relevant data to the paid business listing. (It is in this page that some data must be transmitted to MEC, for example, is the location of this event at  you Business Address or at some other location) The subscription would have to be already completed prior to posting events.
  • The next check box is to determine if they will be selling ticket using MEC Ticketing Sales.