Posting Events is Free, Easy and comes with the possibility of WINNING CASH! Yippie!

Ok, sharing with the World now.  Posting events is free and easy! Post as many as you want as often as you want and here is how you do it.

  1. Register – Include your name, email and “create a user name/nick name”
  2. Login
  3. Post and event
  4. One you have “reviewed” you event listing “publish” by clicking the button “PUBLISH”
  5. Then, to the right of your published event click on the Facebook “Like” button.
  6. Share by tweeting and using the share icons
  7. If you have a Facebook “page” copy the url and past it in your event form.
  8. Need help? Use our contact form here… Contact Form

Now that’s what’s happening today.  For contest winnings see site rules here: Rules

A Picture is worth a thousand…

The first three steps are required.  The other items are for tips, tricks and assistance.

Also, regarding “dates and times” with posting events. If you have a business which has “repeated” events on the same day every week or month you can take advantage of our “recurring” event scheduler.

For example, Rosebuds Cafe in downtown Jackson has an “Open Mic” night every third Thursday from 5:30pm until ?  In this instance they can post one time and cover how ever many seasons they want with just on “recurring event” posting.  Can they edit the recurring event posting? Yes! And it free… please spread the word.

Another example is Gold Country Lanes Cosmic Bowling.  It is held on the same day of the week, every week for an entire season. But what if Gold Country Lanes  wants to have another event that is only one day? No problem whatsoever! “Add another event with the day and time it begins and ends!” It’s free and its easy and you get a full “featured” listing on our home page.

And when  you post your events with us, you have the option to ask our Event form to post to Facebook for you.  One event posting…two social locations! Now that is what’s happening today. And your events are viewed by people around the World.