Welcome our Fire Fighting Buddies!

Welcome to WhatsHappeningToday.com the Events Happening Network were you can post all of your events for free.

Sometimes words are just not enough! So as our word to you, when at all possible we will assist you in promoting any Fire Fighting Fund Raising Event by posting our huge Skyscraper Banner on the home lading page in your community.

How can we help you do this? The first step is to register. Registration is free!

The next step is to return to WhatsMyFireRating.com and complete the Banner form. YOU must provide the banner graphic.


  1. Find a friend that can use a graphic software program like Xara or Photoshop.  Provide them with some images.  Let them know the Banner is 1900 px wide and 400 px tall.  Dimensions must be exact.
  2. You may want to “combine” a couple of images to get the width to not look distorted.
  3. Finally complete the form below.  You must be registered and logged in to use the form.
  4. Finally, return to this site and “Add Event” it’s easy and free or if you just want to add the event… go for it!

We are here to help. Call 866 397-6939

Kind regards,