Important note. Adding Events to the Calendar do not attach them to our business listings.  In order to connect Events to one of our business listing the listing must first exist. Business listing are a subscription service.


Adding events to a business listing is easy. First the listing must exist and you must be the owner of the listing to connect the event to the business listing.  Business listings are a subscription based service.

Adding and Event to the Business listing does not automatically add it to the Calendar. In order for the Event to display on the Calendar of Events you must add it again using Method 1.


Adding Events is fun, easy and flexible!  Here are the methods to adding events:

The “Events” are displayed in two ways.  They are divided into two categories at this time and they are:

  1. The Event Calendar way
  2. The Business Listing way

Way cool right.  You have the option to add your events to either the “Events Calendar or to your Business Listing or both!

The Event Calendar way

  1. How much does it cost to add an event to the Event Calendar? Answer: The Event Calendar had “free” event posting and “featured” event posting.  The “featured event posting are a “cost item” to the user. Registration is required.
  2. Why do you have two methods for posting events.  Answer: The reason we have two methods is because our “Event Calendar” integrates with our “Community Ticket Sales” (more on community tickets later) whereas the Business Directory does not.
  3. What if I have a business and want to advertise the business with the event? Answer: Advertising the business with your event is possible when posting your event.  However, if you want to create an online business listing to enhance your business listing similar to Yelpish or Yellowpagish type listings, you would need to “subscribe” to the online directory for a monthly subscription fee.
  4. If I add my event to the “Event Calendar” will it show up on my business listing? Answer: No. In order for the Event to display a special Event Tab on your business listing you would need to subscribe to a business listing and re-post your event and connect it to your business. It’s easy.

The Business Directory way

Adding events to your Business Listing is easy!

  1. How much does it cost to add an event to my business listing? Answer: First, to add an event to your business listing you must subscribe to and maintain a paid business listing subscription. Now, as for adding events connected to you business, which are visible to all site visitors, there are free and featured listing options. The Featured listings display before free listings. ( paid featured listing placements displayed with other paid featured listings are not guaranteed any certain order)
  2. What are the advantages to adding events to my business listing? Answer: Certain businesses have regular and frequent events.  Such businesses are “known” for having a variety of events either on a recurring basis or “one-offs.”  Thus the Business owner can take advantage of posting dozens upon dozens of event so that everyone can see what events they have planned for today in then months and years ahead.  This allows your regular patrons know what’s happening.
  3. Are all business listings displayed the same for each kind of business? Answer: Yes and no!  The form fields for a Band are different than for a restaurant. The labels are different.
  4. How do I setup my business listing? Answer: The first step is to register. Next, login to the site and hover over the Business Listing menu item. A drop down menu list will appear. Click on “Get Listed” and select your business type. If you do not see your listing type please feel free to call 1 (866)  397-6939 and leave your request with the operator or answering service.  All request will be reviews.  An even better method is to register and use one of our contact forms.