Frequently asked questions

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  1. Does it cost anything to enter the Event Posting contest? – Answer: No. There is no “cost” to enter the contest but you will have to register and post an event to enter. See more about contest rules… more…


  1. Does it cost anything to register? – Answer: No. Registration on this site is free.  So is posting of any events according to the terms of service. Read more under term of service. Click here.

Event Postings

  1. Does it cost anything to post and event? – Answer: No. Event posting is free but you do have to register to post an event and your must agree to the term of service when you register. Register now for free. 
  2. What if the “type of event” does not display in the “categories” presently? – Answer: Use our add category and event form. You can find the link here and at the bottom of the page.
  3. After I post my event what happens if I need to make a change? – Answer: Log into the site and search for your event. Click on your event and look for the “text” that reads “edit”  You can edit your Event postings at any time.
  4. How can I let people know the location of my event? – Answer: When you post an event… the event form has a section that will allow you to enter in the physical location of your event. Our Event listing uses Google Maps and are usually very accurate.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.
  5. What happens if the location does not have an address listed by Google maps? – Answer: There is a section that will allow for the Latitude and Longitude to be entered. Try going to and putting in the address. Then, view the “address” bar and you can pick out the latidude and longidude. If you need help please contact us.
  6. What if I want to show a video of the kind of event we are having? – Answer: The event form for will allow you to embed a video. If you chose to subscribe to a business listing the business listing has a place for a video too.
  7. What if I want to post photos of a class reunion or other event? – Answer: The event form will allow you to add many photos of the event.
  8. Can I share my event posting with others? – Answer: Yes! Please do! There is a section on the event form that will allow you to post to your FB page and more.
  9. What is I have a flyer or coupon that I would like to make available can I do this? – Answer: Yes, there is a file upload button near the bottom of the form.
  10. Does this site have the ability to sell tickets? – Answer: No.. not at this time. We do hope to have ticket selling abilities later in time. Community Ticket sales slated for Spring 2017. We recommend you sign up for our new letter.

Ticket Sales

  1. Can I sell tickets to my event on this site? – Answer: No. Not at this time. You can however upload a coupon and direct them to your web site or other contact information and there is a section where you can let visitors know where they can purchase tickets.

Business listings and Prices

  1. How much does it cost to have a business listing?- Answer: The prices vary but currently it costs just pennies a day. Currently we have a Standard and Featured listing. See prices for details. Look in the footer of the page for the price link.
  2. What types of businesses would benefit from becoming a subscriber? – Answer: Any business that holds events. This could be a solo artist, a band, car clubs, chamber of commerce, business associations, venues and more.
  3. Businesses that people visit on their way to events or vacation places would benefit too. Places such as restaurants, hotels, casinos and more.
  4. What are other benefits to subscribing to a business listing? – Answer:
    1. Links to business web site
    2. Link to Facebook page
    3. Link to Twitter account
    4. Dozens of Social Share buttons
    5. Send to friend email link
    6. Google Analytics visible only to you & only when logged in
    7. Video sharing
    8. Photo gallery
    9. Event attachment – Each event you post may be attached to your listing
    10. Event post to Facebook page
    11. Keyword attachments
    12. Franchise listing discounts for multiple locations
    13. 24/7 access to your account with 99% up-time
    14. Worldwide visibility
    15. Unique ratings for your business

Banner Advertising on Web site

  1. Is it true that for long term contracts the advertiser can have access to change out the graphic image of their ad? – Answer: Yes. Under certain conditions we can allow certain users to access their advertisement section and change out the image and the url associated to it.  For example: Let’s say you are the County and have a Fairground location that hold several events throughout the year. And, you would like to enter into a long term commitment to have the access you need to change out the “Event” image.  We can grant this County a “user” capability allowing them this ability.
  2. How would this benefit the County in the example above? – Answer: There are two ways the County can benefit. One, they can choose to not have a business listing and link the image to their web site or another url as they desire. The second way is to have a business listing and direct the link on the image to their business listing.  The advantage now is all the County events could be connect, at the time of event posting, to their listing.  This in essence means that years of events can be posting to their business listing so that everyone will know what events the County has this month, next month and years into the future. Besides, who in their right frame of mind would want to waste tax payers dollars on trying to recreate the wheel?

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