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All Videos are copright of their respective artist. In the future Featured Artist will show up here. This is just an illustration and we are not selling ticket to this event,. 

WHTme Tickets

WHTme® Ticket Sales, Events & Directory Information

WhatsHappeningToday.com® is the hottest new Event site “with ticket sales and a custom directory listing optional. 

Here are some of the features with us!

  1. Post Events for Free for 30 days*
  2. Sell Tickets to your events
  3. Create a Custom Directory Listing
  4. Message Event Buddys
  5. Post Videos 
  6. Share Social Pages – Twitter, FB, Instagram
  7. For Bands – Custom Profiles, sound tracks, videos, photos and more…
  8. Optional Banner Advertising
  9. Custom Search Filters
  10.  Buy Tickets
  11.  Create Groups
  12.  Join Groups
  13.  Search every City in the U.S. for events
  14.  Find Accommodations
  15.  Find Restaurants
  16.  Find Night life
  17.  Request Categories be added
  18.  Use “Custom Tags” which are searchable
  19.  Modify your listing anytime
  20.  If you have a directory listing all events that you post attached to you listing

30 day event posts are free. Longer periods of time cost approximately one dollar per day at 30 increments. 

Directory listings are a monthly subscription. There is the Gold and the Platinum monthly subscription. Cancel at any time. 

Optional Banner Advertising available Geographically. 

  • State level for entire State or States
  • County level for entire County(ies)
  • City Level with nearly 46,000 U.S. Cities

This area is still under construction so check back soon. Anticipated launch date 03/01/2023.

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Video listed below if the property of the artist. all rights are reserved for the artist. This is a temporaty video

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