WhatsHappeningTonight.com Employment

This area is under construction.

Hi, my name is “Wolfie” and I am the Administrator for WhatsHappeningTonight.com.

I will be looking for some creative people to help me grow my business. If you have web skills that you feel may be of interest please feel free to submit a resume.

Your resume must include a photo id.

Mail your resume to:

S Valencia International
P.O. Box 390
Pine Grove CA 95665

What kinds of people am I looking for:

Must be able to pass a background check

Drug Free

Clean Driving record

WordPress skills

Graphic designer

Outside Sales


Over the age of 18


Data import

An idev expert or quick learner for setting up “licensing” of Cities and other names such as “Name of business”.WhatsHappeningToday.com or LasVegas.WhatsHappeningToday.com

Multi-site sub-theme designs

And I am sure there will be more.

Kind regards,

S Valencia aka “Wolfie”