Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce associations have a long history in the formation of trade and business networking.  According to Wikipedia “A Chamber of commerce is a form of business network, for example, a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of business. 

There are Chamber of Commerce Associations around the Globe.  There are International Chamber of Commerce Associations, Country Chamber of Commerce Associations, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, State Chamber of Commerce Associations, County Chamber of Commerce Associations and ethnic associations such as Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and others.

The one thing all Chambers have in common is business meetings.  A business meet on is considered an Event.

At a Chamber of Commerce Association can purchase a Business listing no matter what Country they are located in.

Events Postings are Free No Business Listing Required

Event posting are free to anyone age 18 and older that want to register and share an event on  A business listing is not required.  So what is the advantage of having a business listing?

A business listing is like having a mini-website without the cost associated with it. You can insert a full business profile, link to your Facebook Page, connect with Twitter, upload photos, videos, flyers, event schedules, By-laws and so much more.

Then, if you decide to “connect” your events (which by the way you can post for free with or without a business listing) to your business listing.

The idea is to teach your client’s where to always find your events.

As an option, order a banner to let other know where they can find all of your events.

How to register

Click on the text “login/register” on the main navigation menu.  Registration is free.  No financial information is required. You will need to create a user name and password, check your email inbox for an email and confirm your registration.  Registration is open World-wide.

Chamber of Commerce Business Listings

There are two ways to register a business.  The first way is what we call “franchise” pricing.  This would be for example,  if the United States Chamber of Commerce wanted to subscribe as the Parent Chamber and allow other U.S. Chamber affiliates to sign up under them.  We have the ability to negotiate special pricing based upon the total dedicated members subscriptions to be had.

The second way is the have each individual chamber sign up as a single office.

See pricing for details here.