This area is under construction.

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The information on this page is for Beta testing.  Once again if you are interested in qualifying for a listing as a Beta Tester please contact us using the form above.
Wolfie aka: S Valencia


Becoming an Event Planner for the first time and Managing an “established and experienced Event Planning business” are two different businesses. The difference is the experience. For S Valencia International and our Event sites, and sites we will reserve Event Planner Listing to those that are experienced and qualify.

At this time the qualification standards will require a minimum of the following:

  1. Minimum of Two years in business,
  2. Must be age 21 and older and provide proof of age in the form of ID or Driver’s License
  3. References: Must have at least 3 Business references
  4. Most post at least 6 Events Annually
  5. Must provide a copy of business license
  6. Must carry insurance and name S Valencia International as and Additional Insured.

The mission of the Event Planner Directory listing and other feathers are to assist the both of us in promoting successful Events


At this time we are contemplating discount pricing for Event Planners and Organizers for the following:

  1. Event Postings for both the Standard and Featured Events
  2. Business Directory Listings whereby you have written permission via a signed contract from your Client(s) and a copy of which must be sent to us initially and periodically.
  3. Ticket Sales
  4. Referrals
  5. Special Banners Customized for your Client Event
  6. more…


In order to manage your client’s events, you need the ability to add or modify the events and listing you post.  As an Event Planner you can handle both the Events and Business Listing.  Note, you are responsible for the payments, recurring payment and cancellations of events and listings.  We bill you, not your client. You are responsible for the management of the business you have according to the terms of use and privacy of this site.


You must be licensed in your community for the business of Event Planner and provide us with a copy of the license.


You “must” carry Professional and General Liability Insurance and name us as an Additional Insured in the following manner:

S Valencia International, Steve Valencia,,, it’s employees and volunteers are named as Additional Insureds, 205 Court Street, Jackson California 95642.


If you do not see the “category” of any events listed you may, at no cost to you, request to have a Category added.  Please allow up to 48 hours for the Category to be added. If this is an urgent matter please call 866 397-6939 and let us know you completed a request to have the category added to “Events”

When you make the request please provide a description of the Event such a “Lumber Jack Day  A gathering of people that come to watch log cutting, axe throwing…ect.” We will not add a business name normally as a Category because you can use “tags” to link to a users search.  See tags heading below for further information.

We will do our best to add it the very same day if possible.

Our hours of operation are from Monday through Friday from 9-5.


I would recommend that you think of tags as “search key” for users who are searching.  When users are searching events there are “categories”  (a category is more of a generalize broad term used for an event) and then there are tags.  An example of a tag would be “Jackson Main Street Parade”  and the Category should also listed as say “parade” plus, you can select several categories like festival, celebration…ect.


Community Event Ticket Sales is still underdevelopment and we are working on this area very diligently to formulate how you will benefit from ticket sales on our site.  It will happen in some shape and form.  If I was an event planner I would certainly appreciate a ready made, out of the box solution for helping my clients sell event tickets.


The “directory listing” is what we call a Custom Post Type.  (CPT)  It is a customized setup designed specifically for Event Planners. An example of a Customization (which could be changed, modified or deleted) is the “Our Portfolio” tab of the Event Planner / Organizer listing. This customization, we feel, will allow other searching for events and contemplating hiring an event planner, would allow them to see your work. Event planning services that you provided to others as an example.

Another thought here is that you may want to invite  your past clients the opportunity to than you by providing a review on your listing.  They do have to register but registration is free for guests and visitors.  They can register here for


All subscriber and business owners must be 18 years of age an older.

To become registered and have a listing on our sites you must agree to our terms of service. They can be found here. Click 


Privacy is a very important factor of our services. You must adhere to and abide by our Privacy rules at all times. 


At this time we are only providing Event Services in the United States. We will add other Countries over time.

Welcome Event Planners & Organizers

This area is under development. The information displayed is for Beta Testing only.

The expected time from for the launch of the section of the site is March 1st 2022.

If you are interested in becoming a “Beta Tester” now is the time to contact me.  My name is Steve Valencia and I go by the pen name of Wolfie.  I am also one of the many web designers and programmers that contributed to this project.

This site has been a dream of mine since 2010.

Note the following copyright trade marks are WHTme®,® and®. Use of these registered trademarks is prohibited without written permission. Termination of the listing with S Valencia International, ETAL will require the “no further use of any banners or other marketing material that utilize the trademarks.”


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